St Martin l'Ars

The Club of the 3rd Age (retired persons) decided to become The Générations, Solidarité, Loisir following an extraordinary general meeting, on 7th January 2014, when this new name and affiliation was adopted.

Who are we?

our association is affiliated to

la Fédération Génértions Mouvement Ainés Ruraux de la Vienne
1 place de l'Europe,
(departmental federation)

and also :

la Fédération Génértions Mouvement Ainés Ruraux
60 rue de Londres,
(national federation)

The Council and our Agenda
Every year, at the AGM, the committee is elected. They have the responsibility of organising the activities for the following year.
Our agenda, for 2019, includes belote competitions, meals, visits, shows and LOTO.
Members meet every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month in the association meeting room (the old canteen) to enjoy games of belote.
The Choir
The choir of St Martin l'Ars was created from members of the Générations Solidarité Loisir (GSL) and the Comité des Fêtes (CF). This activity is open to any member of either association.
Le Club du 3eme âge de Saint Martin L'Ars was created in 1976.
Roger ROUET was elected the 1st Président; with Magdeleine PETIT (Secrétaire) and Abel RANGER (Trésorier).
With many varied prizes there is something for everyone at our LOTOs.
There are 2 rambles per week, Mondays and Friday. In summer we leave at 09:00 and the winter at 14:00.
Our Meals
Le Repas de Printemps, Le Buffet Compangnard et Le Repas d;Automn -there's plenty of choice for everyone.
Les Visits and shows
During the year we organise several visits or trips to shows such as - Puy du Fou, Alsace a Noël...
Become a member ?
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